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Getting Rid of Raccoons in the AtticGetting Rid of Raccoons in the Attic

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Houses in temperate regions must have insulation to help deal with low temperatures in winter. Padding at the walls and rooms with a suitable material will be an adequate measure for temperature control. The insulation also helps to keep the house warm so that energy bills remain low. The attic is the primary space that regulates your heat in the house because it keeps the warm air from leaving the room. You can determine its functionality and make necessary arrangement only when you know the warning signs of damage. Follow these tips for maintaining the attic.


Check Insulation

If you are always shivering despite having the heat on, then it might be that your attic has damaged insulation. You need to correct the problem as soon as you discover it. The winter wind is a major cause of the shield breakages that create a cold suction effect. When it happens, the winter cold will rush into the warmer parts of the house, and the openings in the shield will be avenues for warm air to escape since it is lighter than the cold air.

Check for Raccoons

Raccoons do the most significant damage because raccoons in the atticĀ are most common problems that domestic wildlife control teams handle. The rodents find a hospitable environment in the attic where they are out of reach from the bad weather elements and humans. Unfortunately, they do not understand the role of the insulation shield. They tend to barrow and bite it to lead to breakage and holes that damage the insulation properties of the material. You can check for the presence of raccoons by confirming whether there are raccoons pups. They are the major reasons why their mothers seek warm places to keep them. You should even stay for thirty minutes without moving, and you will eventually hear them chatter.

Remove Baby Raccoons First

After you find the baby raccoons, grab them one by one with a leather glove and put them in a soft, warm place such as a pillow. You do not want them to wake and cry because that can alert the big raccoons and they will attack you.

Seek Help When Handling the Larger Raccoons

The adult raccoons can be a little cleaver. They may run and hide in unreachable places. You need some tactic to get hold of them. You may require something to scare them so that they get out of their hole. You will also need a trap especially for the mother raccoon that has babies. The trap will work well when you use it immediately after getting the pups.

Find Experts to Deal with the Problem & Repairs

raccoonLet wildlife experts help you catch the adults after you grab the pups and they can help you in sealing the damaged part of the attic. Lastly, you must cover the holes that raccoons used to get into the attic. If you are doing it alone, then you will need help with the traps and the setup of the right insulation for the holes that you discover. Calling a raccoon removal service might be your best bet for handling the problem.

Using spray foam for your home insulationUsing spray foam for your home insulation

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Home insulation is extremely important, and you will get to enjoy all its benefits as long as you use the right material. There are various stuff that you can utilize, but spray foam seems to has become the most preferred type of insulation. So, if you are thinking of replacing your home insulation or perhaps you are building a new home, and you are wondering which material is the best for you to install, then might as well take advantage of spray foam.

If your home is in California, you can contact the best Long Beach spray foam insulation contractor to come to your home and give you an estimate.

Here are things that you should know about this particular type of home insulation:

Strengthens your walls

One of the reasons a lot of homeowners prefer spray foam is because it is durable. It can make your walls stronger as long as it is installed right. This is why it is essential that you let the professionals install this insulation material to your home.

home insulation

Prevents mold growth

Since spray foam prevents air infiltration, the moisture from the outside won’t be able to go through your home. This will then help you prevent the growth of mold which can later on damage your home, particularly its walls including the ceiling.

With spray foam insulation, your house will be sealed. The air from the outside won’t be able to gain access to your home. Hence, the quality of air that circulates in your house won’t be affected at all.

Easy to apply

Another advantage of using spray foam is that it is quite easy to apply, unlike the old school insulation materials. Rest assured that this material will be installed in your home quickly. You won’t have to wait for a few weeks just to get the job done. As long as you hire well-experienced contractors, you can be confident that the spray foam will be installed properly and quickly.


home insulationWhen it comes to the cost, spray foam may sound more expensive than the other types of material. But with all the benefits that it has to offer, you will be saving money in the long run. Due to its efficiency, you can expect a significant reduction on your utility bills. And if you try to calculate the savings, you will realize that spray foam is, indeed, more cost-effective than fiberglass or any other type of insulation.

What it Takes to Find The Best Swimming Pool Service ExpertsWhat it Takes to Find The Best Swimming Pool Service Experts

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In the modern world, swimming pools have become an integral part of not only recreational facilities but also domestic establishments. However, like a majority of man-made things, they require maintenance so as to be able to remain in top condition and also function properly.boy jumping

Swimming pool service providers are usually tasked with maintaining swimming pools but due to the large number of companies offering such services, finding the best pool service can be tasking. For individuals looking for swimming pool services, the following overview of factors to consider when selecting the best swimming pool service provider can come in handy during the selection process


Experience is perhaps one of the most important factors that need to be considered when selecting the best swimming pool service provider. But how do you determine if a contractor is experienced or not? For starters, the number of years the service provider has been in operation is a pretty good indicator of whether the company has the necessary experience. However, the number of jobs and successfully completed projects is also a good sign. By acquiring the services of an experienced company, you are assured of the best quality of service

Range of services offered

The variety of services offered should also be considered during the selection process. As a rule, you should go for a company that offers a wide range of services and mostly services that are within your scope of interest.


Like in any other field, swimming pool contractors have their own certification body. In view of this, it would be in your best interest to acquire the services of a certified contractor. Why is this? Certified contractors stand to lose their certification if numerous complaints are lodged against them. As such, they tend to go out of their way to ensure they offer the best possible service so as to avoid complaints being lodged against them. The same cannot be said for non-certified companies

BBB registration

man swimmingSo as to be able to get the best service, it is recommended to check the company profile at the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is a form of regulatory body that usually grades services offered by a company based on customer feedback and complaints. By checking with the BBB, you are assured of getting a fair analysis of the services offered by a company so as to make the best decision

Looking for swimming pool services? If so, the above guidelines and tips will help you get the best swimming pool service provider