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Romantic New York City Trip

Romantic New York City Trip (2)

Whenever you and your loved one are planning a trip to New York City on a romantic break, there are so many fun things to see in the Big Apple.

Walk the streets and enjoy the “New Yorker” culture.

From hotdogs to subways you both will really feel a genuine energy of a metropolitan city like New York.

This will absolutely make a fabulous romantic day trips from NYC for you.

The following are some of the fantastic romantic ideas for a day out while in NYC:

Romantic New York City Trip (3)· Brooklyn Bridge.

You both cannot leave NYC without seeing the amazing Brooklyn Bridge.

This bridge is world famous and connects the borough of New York (Manhattan) to the borough of Brooklyn.

It was opened for use on May 25th, 1883. This bridge runs over the east river and offers beautiful views of both Manhattan’s Financial District and Dumbo in Brooklyn.

Make sure to have a camera as you will both certainly get some amazing photos. You can both walk or rent bikes and cycle over the bridge.

· The Empire State Building.

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or planning a proposal, there is no better place to tell someone you love them then at the Empire State, which also happens to be one of New York’ tallest buildings.

The color of the lights which light up the Empire state building at night change every evening as a representation of events happening across the city/world (example: green lights for St. Patrick’s Day in NYC, Red for Valentine’s Day in NYC).

· The Grand Central Terminal.

Or as many New Yorker’s like to still call it Grand Central Station – is an amazing historic building to see in NYC.

With beautiful architecture and a warm feel, you both have to stop by and check one of the most famous train stations in the world. Grand Central Terminal is actually the world’s largest train station with 44 platforms & 67 tracks.

You both can enjoy some shopping and dining from the various venues that are located within this incredible train station.

· The Highline.

New York’s famous re-designed Highline, which opened in June 2011, is beautiful and definitely worth seeing.

New York high line was built on an old historic freight railroad which also happens to be situated over some of Manhattan’s streets on the west side of the city.

Read about the various sections of the Highline along your walking journey.

Benches are located along its path too – so if you get tired, take a break and enjoy some people watching. You both can start at the west village at Gansevoort Street and walk all the way to west 30th street.

· The Central Park.Romantic New York City Trip (1)

No romantic trip to NYC would be complete without a stroll through New York’s famous park Central Park.

Depending on what time of year you both are visiting New York City for a romantic break there is always some fun entertainment to enjoy in the park. In summer time, there are many live concerts and street performers to row boats and bike riding.

In the winter time enjoy the fun ice skating rink, Central Park Zoo or a horse carriage ride especially if your plans are to propose in NYC on your romantic trip.

In conclusion, looking at these features which will sooth your time out with you loved one, it is undoubtedly that romantic day trips from NYC will one of the memorable experience in life.