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Use of Silicone Belly Button PiercingUse of Silicone Belly Button Piercing

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Silicone belly button piercing requires that you hire a piercer that best understands what you need. It should be both effectual and comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s only a few people who have got the mastery on what type of silicone piercer perfectly attends to their needs. This article, therefore, aims at explaining the key types of silicone belly button piercers.

Silicone Belly Barskmnb235wedy27du82i92

These are silicone curved bars, which have a threaded ball on either end. They’re the most dependable jewelry to use in belly button piercing. They are very comfortable since their curved shape rhymes with the angle of belly button piercing. The belly bars neatly sit against the skin, with one ball inside the navel, and the other above the belly button.

The Reverse Silicone Dangle Belly Bars

These kinds of belly bars hang from the top of the bar, unlike for the silicone belly bars, which hang from the bottom. Their motif creates a very glamorous, stylish look by covering the belly button. They allow the users to uphold a stunning look and are very comfortable to wear.

Silicone Belly Rings

Some pkmnv3edxr5t23e6dy73eud8eople prefer using a silicone belly ring to using a belly bar. The rings come in all sorts of sizes, styles and colors, but the commonly used are the Ball Closure Rings (BCRs). The Ball Closure Rings closes with a captive ball. They usually give a comfortable, secure fit since they are held in position by the tension of rings. If you choose to use these rings, then it is very important that you choose one that has the right size, in terms of the diameter.

Fake Silicone Belly Rings

This type of rings is cost effective. It is a great option for the people who’d like to experiment how belly button piercing with belly rings is done. They are little jewels, usually made with skin-friendly glue, which sticks onto your belly button. They normally consist of round jewels that create a glamorous, stylish look around the belly button. One important thing to mark, if you choose to use the fake belly rings is that you should never purchase rings made of cheap nasty materials that may affect your skin health. Instead, opt for materials like surgical steel, bio-plastic and titanium.

Choosing the right type of silicone belly button piercer is a key to success in your quest for silicone belly button piercing. The types discussed in this article are, however, very considerable.